this from parishioner, Sandra Kramer

A Still Small Voice

And after the earthquake a fire; but the Lord was not in the fire: and after the fire a still small voice.   I Kings, 19:12

The world is a loud place.  I know this because when I was a newspaper owner, I was part of the problem.
People who like to keep abreast of current events focus on breaking news.  In journalism, there is a saying: “If it bleeds, it leads.” What that really means is the event with the greatest shock value will be the first story on the evening news or it will appear on the front page of the newspaper “above the fold” tomorrow morning.  Paying attention to the horrors of life is, unfortunately, part of human nature.
Even without the news, life is filled with the kind of commotion that can arouse negativity and drain our energy: Kids, traffic, cell phones, deadlines, crowds.  The whole work/life balance feels like a squeaking teeter totter.  It never seems to stop.  Even in the middle of the night we can’t turn off the committees in our heads jabbering about what we have to do tomorrow.
By Sunday, getting to church can feel like one more exhausting commitment.  We don’t want to feel that way, but we’re so tired.  We all have had moments when we think: “I’m doing this religion thing wrong.”  When we become aware of our negative thoughts about going to church we worry that we have “lost God.”  At times like these we may even wonder, “Hey, where did He go?”
While we were rushing to the next appointment, taming children, and listening to the talking heads on TV, we didn’t misplace Him like a set of keys.  We simply forgot to notice Him.  But, He’s there.  He’s everywhere, remember?
So, stop.  Close your eyes.  Take a breath.  Let it out.  Now, open your eyes and look at any plant, or animal, or human.  See the little miracles of creation?  God suddenly appeared again right before your eyes.
He’s there between dog barks, and in the eternity of a basketball minute.  He is present in the cacophony of an airport.  God lives in our appreciative sighs at the end of a busy day and between the breaths of a sleeping baby.  In the stillness of any morning, with no blaring horns God says: “Look, be amazed, I made this for you.”
We can’t have any expectation of stopping the world to find God.  What we can do is take a moment at the beginning of each day for gratitude.  In the time it takes to think the words, “thank you, God, for waking me up today” we have found Him on our pillows.  When you feel the warmth of your gratitude you will know His still, small voice speaking in your soul thanking you for waking up to Him.